These 5 side-hustles could help bolster your finances before a likely downturn in 2023

Jaime Ibanez made $135,000 revenue last year operating 40 vending machines.
Most economists believe the US will fall into recession in 2023.
Side-hustles could help bolster your finances ahead of a likely downturn.
Entrepreneurs told Insider about their vending machine, laundromat, and Poshmark side-hustles.

A downturn is on the horizon, with economists broadly agreeing the US will enter a recession in 2023. Which means it’s time to get serious about money matters.

Having an emergency fund and getting a side-hustle in place are among the best ways to prepare for a downturn, personal finance experts told Insider.

Here are five tried-and-tested side-hustles that could help you bolster your finances.

Vending machinesJaime Ibanez.

Vending machines have emerged as a popular side-hustle given their appeal as a passive income source. The business has a fairly steep entry cost but once up and running, vending machines require minimal time commitment other than refilling.

Jamie Ibanez, 22, told…

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