Kelly wins in Arizona, pushing Democrats closer to keeping Senate

Kelly Wins In Arizona, Pushing Democrats Closer To Keeping Senate - Kit52Xeqnjdzjjyr4Qtjiskte4
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Sen. Mark Kelly (D) was projected Friday to win reelection in Arizona over Republican Blake Masters, boosting Democrats’ chances to retain control of the Senate for another two years.

The victory gives Democrats a 49th Senate seat, just below the 50 they need to control the chamber, where Vice President Harris is empowered to break ties. Republicans, who have also secured 49 seats, must now flip seats in both Nevada and Georgia to seize control of the chamber.

While Georgia’s race will not be settled until a December runoff, Democrats are cautiously optimistic they can clinch the majority sooner as more mail ballots are counted in Nevada’s tight contest.

Democratic control of the Senate would provide Biden with some leverage for his agenda on Capitol Hill, regardless of the outcome in the House, which also remained unsettled late Friday. Republican control of the Senate would further complicate Biden’s agenda for the next two years, positioning the…

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