Ethiopia and Tigray rebels ready to speed up aid

The Ethiopian military and Tigrayan rebels have agreed to allow immediate, unhindered aid deliveries to the Tigray region, where millions of people desperately need food and medicines.

Top commanders from both sides signed a deal in Nairobi, Kenya, to implement the cessation of hostilities agreed on 2 November.

A joint body is to oversee disarmament of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) in northern Ethiopia.

The war has been raging for two years.

Half of Tigray’s 5.5 million people need food aid, with many of them starving.

TPLF commander-in-chief Gen Tadesse Werede Tesfay said: “We have suffered untold misery over the last two years and still continue to suffer.

“So the commitment we are making today is with the hope that our people’s suffering will come to an end soon.”

Once disarmed, the TPLF is to be integrated into the national army.

Correspondents say there are still concerns about Eritrean forces which have been helping the Ethiopian government army. They were not…

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