Dalgety Bay: How do you clean all the sand on a radioactive beach?

Thousands of radioactive particles have been found on the coastline at Dalgety Bay in Fife since 1990.

It is believed they came from radium-coated glow-in-the-dark components in World War Two aircraft that were incinerated and dumped there.

The radioactive contamination was first detected at the beach during routine monitoring.

Now a team of engineers are sifting through tonnes of sand and soil from the whole beach as part of a £10.5m project to remove all the hazardous material.

They are using a purpose-built scanner which has been assembled in a cabin on the shore to detect the radioactive particles.

The equipment was created by Jen Barnes, the radiometrics lead for engineering company Jacobs, which is cleaning the Fife beach.

“It’s something I’ve put together, I’ve tested, I’ve developed – and it works.

“I feel a lot of satisfaction from that,” she said.

Diggers scoop up sand and soil from the beach, which has been closed to the public while the work is carried out.

The soil…

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