Banksy unveils Ukraine gymnast mural on building shelled by Russia

Renowned graffiti-artist Banksy has unveiled his latest work on a building devastated by shelling in Ukraine.

Banksy posted a picture on Instagram of the artwork, a gymnast doing a handstand amid debris, in Borodyanka.

Murals spotted in and around Ukraine’s capital Kyiv had led to speculation the anonymous artist was working in the war-torn country.

Another, not officially claimed, depicts a man resembling Vladimir Putin being defeated at Judo by a child.

The graffiti artist posted three images of the gymnast mural in the wreckage left by Russian shelling, with a caption merely stating “Borodyanka, Ukraine”.

Borodyanka was one of the places hardest hit by Russia’s bombardment of Ukraine in the immediate aftermath of the 24 February invasion.

Russian soldiers occupied the town – located around 30 miles (48km) north west of Ukraine’s capital Kyiv – for weeks in the initial phase of the war, before it was eventually liberated by Ukraine in April.

A second piece in Borodyanka, which…

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