The margin in House voting was right in line with polling

The Margin In House Voting Was Right In Line With Polling - Wk5Wiztdtj5Seb7I5Opldmrj6M
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On Sunday, The Washington Post and our polling partners at ABC News released our last pre-election poll.

“Voters’ intentions for the House are split about evenly, with 49 percent of registered voters saying they will vote for the Republican candidate in their district and 48 percent saying they will vote for the Democrat,” The Washington Post’s Dan Balz, Scott Clement and Emily Guskin wrote. “Likely voters split 50 percent Republican and 48 percent Democratic.”

This was close to the margin seen in polls from other established pollsters. It seemed to be at odds with the confidence expressed by Republican politicians and leaders, certainly, but it was what it was: a relatively narrow gap for the GOP.

And a narrow margin favoring the Republicans is what we saw Tuesday.

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This isn’t meant to be gloating, really, though obviously it is a credit to our pollsters. It’s…

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