Palestinian mayor backtracks after dead dog bounty outrage

A Palestinian mayor whose offer of a bounty for killing stray dogs caused outrage among animal-lovers has backtracked, saying he was joking.

Hebron Mayor Tayseer Abu Sneineh had said those who killed strays in his city could get 20 shekels ($5.8; 5.7 euros) per dog.

Stills and videos were then widely shared on social media which apparently showed dogs being killed or abused.

Another mayor then encouraged people to also shoot dogs in his city.

Diana Babish, who runs the West Bank’s only dog shelter, in Beit Sahour south of Jerusalem, condemned what she said was “a green light to violate and kill and torture animals”.

Local animal rights groups estimate that there are a few thousand stray dogs across the West Bank. No formal animal rescue services exist.

Sometimes, strays – a mixture of what Palestinians call baladi (local) dogs and cross-breeds – gather in large packs and scavenge for food. Some can become aggressive and there are frequent complaints to Palestinian councils who…

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