Liberal nonprofit spent $174M in 2021 as big money kept flowing after Trump

And Sixteen Thirty Fund’s nine-figure budget lines in 2021 demonstrate that its rapid growth isn’t reversing, after major secret-money groups on the left multiplied in size during the Trump administration.

In a Medium post, Sixteen Thirty Fund president Amy Kurtz cast the group as a bulwark against the activities of right-leaning nonprofits, specifically name-dropping conservative strategist Leonard Leo and his well-funded network of groups, which got $1.6 billion in funding last year from a conservative mogul, the New York Times reported.

“Sixteen Thirty Fund and our projects are well positioned to face these radical threats head on and use the tools available to us to protect democracy, abortion rights, civil rights, and our climate,” Kurtz wrote.

Groups like the Sixteen Thirty Fund will not have to file documents detailing the full scope of their fundraising and spending during the midterm election until late next year. But Federal Election Commission records show $6.2…

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