In battle for the Senate, the focus is on three states

In Battle For The Senate, The Focus Is On Three States - Inpoapnhihbiemkah6Fmlymeri
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Outstanding ballots in two states and a runoff election in a third have left control of the Senate up in the air, with Arizona and Nevada racing to count votes on Thursday and rival candidates in Georgia gearing up for another four weeks of campaigning.

Democrats were cautiously optimistic that Sen. Mark Kelly’s lead would hold in Arizona, and in Nevada, where Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto is trailing, they think that mail ballots from urban areas will help catch them up. Some Republicans privately agreed their candidates could lose, but others in the GOP expressed confidence that Blake Masters would pull through in Arizona and Adam Laxalt would stay ahead in Nevada.

Democratic incumbents need to win at least two of the three states to retain power. Even if the Republicans ultimately become the majority in the House, continued Democratic control of the Senate would preserve President Biden’s ability to have his judicial nominees and administration…

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