Cop27: oil and gas exec blames individuals for climate crisis; Joe Biden to speak at climate conference – live

People who want to end oil and gas industry have ‘no clue’, says fossil fuel CEOPatrick Greenfield

Fossil fuel CEO Vicki Hollub has said people who call for the end of the oil and gas industry “have no clue what that would mean” and refused to say whether she accepted her company’s role in climate disasters.

Speaking on decarbonisation day at Cop27, Hollub, who heads Occidental Petroleum, said mounting extreme climate events, such as this year’s deadly flooding in Pakistan and drought in the horn of Africa, were the responsibility of individuals, not just the oil and gas industry.

When asked by a Guardian reporter if she felt any personal responsibility for natural disasters made worse by climate change, she said:

This is not a problem that just the oil and gas industry has. Everybody that uses a product that was generated from oil and gas has a part in this and is also responsible. Your iPhone, you are responsible for that. If you flew over here, you are responsible for what…

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This article was written by Bibi van der Zee (now) and Oliver Holmes (earlier) and originally published on