A New Way of Doing Business (and Saving Tons of Money) in My Retirement

By Dr. Anthony Ellis, WCI Columnist

This past summer, I was off work for the longest time since I was in medical school. Back then, I was finishing two years of 40-hour weeks of classes and moving on to our third-year clinical rotations in Medicine, Surgery, Pediatrics, Psychiatry, and Obstetrics/Gynecology. Some of those rotations featured 50-hour work weeks, and others were 80-100 hours with night call duty spent in the hospital. I took a month-long trip in 1987 to the UK with my father, who was British, and that was the last time I had a full month off.

That was about 35 years ago. It was an awesome trip, one of the best.

Now that I’m semi-retired, those grueling days and long work weeks are long gone, as are the bulk of my side gig weekends and the many holidays I’ve worked for the last decade and a half. I decided to continue to work for my current employer via a W-2 pass through payroll entity, making tax time easier. I’ll be working two days a week remotely. My focus…

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This article was written by Josh Katzowitz and originally published on www.whitecoatinvestor.com