A Guide to Achieving Net Zero Emissions

As customers demand greener products and services, investors seek out the next big climate solution, and governments legislate to cut emissions, companies know they need to decarbonize, and fast. Advice and tools on how to cut emissions abound, so many companies remain confused about how to prioritize their efforts and understand what “good” climate action looks like.

A new guide from the We Mean Business Coalition, “The 4 As of Climate Leadership” defines, in terms of ambition, action, advocacy and accountability, what companies must do to deliver on net-zero commitments and avoid accusations of greenwashing.

Ambition: Has the company set the right decarbonization targets?

To ensure we halve global emissions by 2030, companies need to set science-based targets, following the Net Zero Corporate Standard, including five to 10-year targets for deep, rapid emission cuts across their value chains. Small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) can join the SME…

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This article was written by Maria Mendiluce and originally published on hbr.org