5 Ways Startups Can Prepare for a Recession

Startups face a unique challenges during economic downturns. They typically aren’t yet profitable and so are reliant on outside funding—and therefore are especially exposed when macroeconomic conditions change. To make it through a recession, startup CEOs should hit the road and talk to customers. They should also focus on preserving their company culture and retaining top employees. And they need to do whatever they can to extend their runways—including taking on a line of credit.

With stocks down 20% from their highs, we are officially in a bear market. Many economists predict we will enter a recession in the next few quarters if we’re not in one already. What strategies and tactics should startup CEOs use to prepare for and survive a recession?

I’ve spent the last three decades in the software industry, including three stints as CEO as well as serving on the boards of 10 private companies and as an advisor to many others. I’ve led or…

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This article was written by Lou Shipley and originally published on hbr.org