How Diverse Are the Candidates in the Midterm Elections?

After a pair of triumphant elections for women and people of color in American politics, in which records were smashed in 2018 and then broken again in 2020, diverse candidates made further progress this year.

More women than ever have been nominated for governorships and state legislatures. More Senate nominees are Black. More House nominees are openly L.G.B.T.Q., and more are also Hispanic women.

But there has also been some backsliding: The number of women nominated for Congress, for example, has declined from a 2020 peak.

There remains a significant partisan divide, with Democrats more likely than Republicans to nominate people who differ from the historical norm of straight, white men. And while both parties’ candidate fields are more diverse than before 2018, they are still far from accurate reflections of the American population.

The House of Representatives

There are at least 403 people of color, women or nonbinary candidates running for seats…

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