Are COVID Vaccinations & Booster Shots Still Free? For How Long?

As we enter another cold, flu, and (likely) COVID season, I wanted to share the major updates on the current availability status and pricing of COVID tests, flu shots, and COVID vaccines – and whether they are still free and for how long. Communication around the original COVID vaccines was not great, in part, because of constantly moving science and guidelines, limited initial availability, and phased rollouts for different age groups. Messaging around COVID booster shots has been a little bit better but public interest has definitely waned. Hopefully, this article will help clear up some common questions about COVID vaccines and boosters that are still out there.

Is the COVID Vaccine Free for Everyone?

Yes, as of fall 2022, COVID vaccinations are still free to everyone. The CDC is definitive in a statement about this:

There is no charge for your COVID-19 vaccine. Your COVID-19 vaccine is free. COVID-19 vaccines are paid for with taxpayer dollars and are given free of charge…

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