Russia-Ukraine war live: Putin set to make annual speech as Kyiv faces longer and stricter blackouts after drone strikes

Putin set to make speech at Russian thinktank this afternoon

The Russian president, Vladimir Putin, is due to make a speech at a meeting of the Valdai Discussion Club at 2pm GMT today.

The club is a thinktank with close links to the Kremlin generally considered to be part of Moscow’s propaganda machine.

Putin gives an annual speech at its event and you will be able to follow along here in about half an hour.

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Peter Beaumont

Russian-installed authorities in Ukraine’s occupied region of Zaporizhzhia ordered phone checks on local residents on Thursday, announcing the implementation of military censorship under Russian president Vladimir Putin’s martial law decree.

“From today in the Zaporizhzhia region, law enforcement officers have begun a selective preventing check of the mobile phones of citizens,” Moscow-appointed official Vladimir Rogov said.

He said those subscribed to “propaganda…

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