Comparing Retirement Accounts

Today, we are answering your questions about retirement accounts. We discuss SEP IRAs, Roth IRAs vs. traditional, 403(b) vs. 457(b), and more. We also answer some questions about pregnancy and healthcare and comparing safer investments. We have three guests on today from one of our recommended financial advisors, Personal Choice Financial Advisors. They will tackle a few of your questions to help you get a sense of who they are.

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Personal Choice Financial Advisors 

Our guests today on the show are from Personal Choice Financial Advisors. Here with me today, we have Chris Hansen, the founder, as well as Robert Hansen and Ben Dobler. Welcome to The White Coat Investor podcast.

Chris Hansen:

Thank you.

Robert Hansen:

Thanks for having us, Jim.

Dr. Jim Dahle:

We wanted to introduce you to the audience and have you help answer some of their questions. But before we get into the questions, can you explain to us why you decided to become a financial…

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