Trump aides are desperately trying to dissuade him from testifying to the January 6 panel on live TV: Rolling Stone

Former President Donald Trump.Trump’s advisers really don’t want him to testify to the January 6 panel, per Rolling Stone.A source told Rolling Stone they hope aides successfully “talked him out of it.”However, the source said they were unsure if the advice “actually sunk in or stuck” with Trump.

Former President Donald Trump’s advisers told Rolling Stone they have been trying desperately to convince him not to testify live before the January 6 panel.

On October 13, the January 6 panel unanimously voted to subpoena Trump. The New York Times reported that Trump is considering answering the subpoena and wants to testify on live TV.

Rolling Stone spoke to three sources with knowledge of the matter, including a Trump legal adviser. These unnamed sources told Rolling Stone that several Trump lawyers and political aides have advised the former president that they think it is a terrible idea to speak to the committee.

The Trump legal adviser told Rolling Stone that the counsel they gave…

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