The DualSense Edge is a new customizable controller for the PS5 — here’s how to preorder

The PlayStation DualSense Edge is a new high-end controller for the PS5.
Sony’s $200 DualSense Edge is a premium controller for PlayStation 5 with customizable buttons.
DualSense is comparable to the Xbox Elite, Scuf Reflex Pro, and Victrix Pro BFG controllers.
DualSense Edge releases January 26, 2023, and you can preorder it now from the PlayStation Direct store.

Sony’s DualSense Edge wireless controller for the PlayStation 5 is set to launch on January 26, 2023, and preorders are now available for $200 at the PlayStation Direct store.

DualSense Edge is Sony’s response to the popular Xbox Elite controller, which is one of this year’s bestselling gaming peripherals. Other premium controllers for the PlayStation 5 include the $220 Scuf Reflex Pro, and the upcoming Victrix Pro BFG, which is set to release on December 5 for $180.

What is the DualSense Edge?The package includes extra buttons and a case.The DualSense Edge is Sony’s new premium PS5 controller geared toward gaming…

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