HTH Travel Insurance Review

Travel insurance aims to protect you when things go awry, and it can cover a variety of issues that might happen when you’re taking a trip, including canceled flights, medical emergencies and baggage delays.

HTH Travel Insurance sells multiple types of travel insurance policies. Some examples are coverage for pre-existing conditions, single-trip plans, annual plans and more. Let’s look at HTH, the plans the provider offers and whether purchasing a plan is right for you.

HTH travel insurance plans and costs

As mentioned, there are multiple kinds of travel insurance. Are you participating in extreme sports? Is there a chance you’ll need to cancel your trip? Proper insurance can reimburse you for unforeseen events — as long as you’ve purchased coverage in advance.

Single-trip plans

Single-trip plans are insurance policies that provide coverage during a specified time period. You’ll travel once and then come home. This contrasts with multi-trip or annual plans.

HTH offers two…

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