Harvey Weinstein accuser testifies she wanted to ‘destroy’ herself after assault

A woman who accused Harvey Weinstein of raping her in 2013 testified on Tuesday that the attack left her wanting to “destroy” herself.

The woman, a model and actor living and working in Rome who was in Los Angeles at the time for a film festival, is the first of eight Weinstein accusers set to testify in a courtroom in Los Angeles where the 70-year-old movie mogul is on trial on multiple counts of rape and sexual assault.

Most of the women said that their assaults began with what were supposed to be business meetings with Weinstein at hotels. However, the woman testifying on Tuesday said she was stunned to find Weinstein knocking at her door late on a night in February 2013 after she had seen him briefly earlier in the evening at the Los Angeles Italia film festival.

Staying in the hotel under a pseudonym, she said she had no idea how Weinstein even knew her room number and that she let him through her door initially without thinking there was any harm in it. That shifted quickly…

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This article was written by Lois Beckett and agencies and originally published on www.theguardian.com