Biden knows there are limits on American power, but they’re nowhere to be found in his first major security strategy

President Joe Biden at a Lockheed Martin facility that makes weapons such as Javelin anti-tank missiles, in Alabama on May 3.
This month, the Biden administration released its long-delayed National Security Strategy.
Biden has shown he’s aware of the limits of American power, but that awareness is absent from the NSS.
Gil Barndollar is a senior fellow at Defense Priorities.

The Biden administration released its delayed National Security Strategy (NSS) this month.

The NSS, to be followed by a National Defense Strategy and a National Military Strategy, is the first holistic strategy document from the administration since its initial Interim National Security Strategic Guidance, issued two months after the president’s inauguration in January 2021.

The new NSS covers a laundry list of challenges, threats, and responses in its 48 unclassified pages. This “Christmas tree” approach is perhaps inevitable in a public-facing national security document from a superpower.

In language befitting an…

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