Why Vision Care Belongs at the Core of Your Company’s Healthcare Benefits – SPONSOR CONTENT FROM VSP

By Kate Renwick-Espinosa

The eyes are more than the windows to the soul. They’re the windows to your health.

One of the easiest, most cost-effective early detection systems for serious illness is the eye exam. This test can detect evidence of 273 chronic diseases, including some types of cancer, kidney disease, and hypertension, even before physical symptoms emerge.

One in five people with diabetes discovered their disease through an eye exam. And visible signs of retina damage are a useful marker for identifying cardiovascular disease before a heart attack or stroke occurs.

Yet while 84% of people consider vision their most important sense, half still skip their annual eye exams.

When Vision Care Is an Oversight

And it’s not just individuals who overlook this critical investment in their vision and overall health.

Many organizations decline to offer their employees vision care—a benefit that’s proving…

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