The US Navy now knows why the water on an aircraft carrier looked and smelled strange. It had wastewater in it.

The Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln transits the Pacific Ocean.
The US Navy found last month that the water on an aircraft carrier had an “odor and cloudy appearance.”
The service said early last week it didn’t know why the water looked and smelled strange.
An inspection has since concluded that wastewater had entered the system. 

A month after sailors on the US Navy aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln first noticed their water looked and smelled strange, the service has finally determined that it was polluted with wastewater that leaked into the water supply.

Puget Sound Naval Shipyard and USS Abraham Lincoln personnel inspected the potable water tanks and determined on October 20 that “bilge water entered one of the potable water tanks through a hole that was found in the tank’s air vent line, causing the cloudy appearance and odor in the ship’s potable water,” the Navy said in a recent statement.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, bilge water is…

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