UN condemns ‘deeply distressing’ discovery of 92 naked migrants at Greece-Turkey border

The United Nations’ refugee agency has said it is “deeply distressed” by the discovery of almost 100 naked men at the border between Greece and Turkey.

The two countries have blamed each other for the plight of the 92 migrants.

Greece laid the blame at Turkey’s door, saying its “behaviour” was a “shame for civilisation”.

Turkey branded its neighbour’s claims as “fake news” and accused it of “cruelty”.

As both sides blamed each other, the United Nation’s refugee agency called for an investigation and said it was “deeply distressed by the shocking reports and images”.

Greek police said they rescued the 92 men who were discovered naked, and some with injuries, close to its northern border with Turkey on Friday.

They said an investigation by them and officials from the EU border agency Frontex, found evidence that the migrants crossed the Evros river into Greek territory in rubber dinghies from Turkey.

“Border policemen… discovered 92 illegal migrants without clothes, some of whom…

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This article was written by and originally published on www.bbc.co.uk