Russia is making excuses for why it can’t stop US-made HIMARS from shredding its military in Ukraine

Footage of a US-made HIMARS published by the Ukrainian Defense Ministry in July.
Russian forces have struggled to counter Ukraine’s use of US-made HIMARS rockets.
Some Russians have an explanation: HIMARS has a secret feature that makes it harder to target them.
That’s probably bluster meant to distract from Russian military failings, one expert told Insider.

Why can’t Russia destroy Ukraine’s US-made HIMARS rocket launchers?

One Russian defense blog has an explanation: HIMARS has a secret feature that prevents Russian artillery from targeting it.

Not quite, Western defense experts say. The more likely reason is Russian incompetence.

In September, Russian defense blog Avia wrote about why Russian artillery has been not able to knock out Ukraine’s M142 High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems, which fire GPS-guided rockets that have savaged vital Russian targets such as ammunition dumps, command posts, and bridges.

A HIMARS during an exercise in Latvia in September.

In theory, Russia’s…

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