Liverpool v Manchester City: Premier League – live

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7 min I have no idea what formation City are playing. Both Bernardo Silva and Gundogan are playing to the left of Rodri, which is unusual. At times it looks like a back three, but I’ve no idea who the left wing-back is supposed to be. Foden is the closest but he’s playing very high up the field.

Updated at 11.38 EDT

5 min Foden feeds the ball into Haaland on the edge of the area. He takes a touch and is about to shoot where Jota wraps a leg round and makes a good tackle.

4 min It’s been a bitty, slightly tetchy start. Liverpool’s shape looks like 4-2-3-1, with Salah up front, Firmino behind, Jota to the left and Elliott to the right. City’s shape is also different, with De Bruyne playing on the right wing at the moment.

3 min Bernardo fouls Robertson, who responds with a bit of a shove. More spice please!

2 min James Milner is playing right-back for Liverpool. City have Nathan Ake at left-back and…

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