Artists say AI image generators are copying their style to make thousands of new images — and it’s completely out of their control

OpenAI, a company founded by Elon Musk, just made its DALL-E image generator open to the public.
Artists say they work for years on their portfolios and people can now make copycat images in seconds.
But some AI companies argue that the new artworks are unique and can be copyrighted.

Greg Rutkowski is an artist with a distinctive style: He’s known for creating fantasy scenes of dragons and epic battles that fantasy games like Dungeons and Dragons have used. 

He said it used to be “really rare to see a similar style to mine on the internet.”

Yet if you search for his name on Twitter, you’ll see plenty of images in his exact style — that he didn’t make.

Rutkowski has become one of the most popular names in AI art, despite never having used the technology himself.

People are creating thousands of artworks that look like his using programs called AI-image generators, which use artificial intelligence to create original artwork in minutes or even seconds after a user types in a few…

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