Walker, Warnock clash over abortion, trustworthiness at Georgia debate

Walker, Warnock Clash Over Abortion, Trustworthiness At Georgia Debate - 2Xsvxbqavgrvu7Ktosfcwkc3Wq

SAVANNAH, Ga. — Republican Herschel Walker on Friday denied in a televised debate that he paid for an abortion in 2009, part of an hour-long clash in which the account that has beleaguered his campaign for U.S. Senate was often overshadowed by other contentious exchanges.

The only scheduled debate between Walker and Sen. Raphael G. Warnock (D-Ga.), in a battleground seen by both parties as key in the fight for control of the Senate, frequently turned bitter and personal, with the candidates accusing each other of being untrustworthy. Walker has faced criticism throughout the campaign for making false or unsubstantiated claims, and Warnock took aim at his comments anew.

Warnock said Walker “has a problem with the truth” and pointed to unsubstantiated claims by Walker that he’s worked closely with the FBI and a local police department. At one point, Walker turned to Warnock and said: “Do not bear false witness, senator.” That came in an exchange where Walker and Warnock…

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This article was written by Dylan Wells and originally published on www.washingtonpost.com