Putin’s nuclear threats are pushing people like Trump and Elon Musk to press for a Ukraine peace deal. A nuclear expert warns that’s ‘dangerous.’

Former US President Donald Trump has called for an “immediate negotiation” of an agreement with Russia to end the war in Ukraine.
Growing fear of nuclear war has prompted calls for an immediate settlement to end the war in Ukraine.
But abandoning support for Ukraine now could spur Russia and others to make more nuclear threats.
“Just giving in at this point would actually be dangerous,” nuclear expert Pavel Podvig told Insider.

An understandable desire to avoid a nuclear war could actually make the world more dangerous if it means rushing to implement a “peace” in Ukraine that serves Russian interests, an expert told Insider.

Such a move, which some influential figures have called for, risks setting a precedent that atomic blackmail is the way to win wars and take territory troops can’t otherwise hold, a model that could be copycatted by even the weakest nuclear-armed states, and may only succeed at delaying another war.

Pavel Podvig, an expert on Russia’s nuclear doctrine and…

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This article was written by [email protected] (Charles R. Davis) and originally published on www.businessinsider.com