Jeremy Hunt says ‘mistakes’ made and taxes set to rise as Liz Truss clings to power – UK politics live

Jeremy Hunt’s key points from this morning…

On his first full day as chancellor, Jeremy Hunt has done a series of interviews in which he made several points, He:

Refused to commit to increasing benefits in line with inflation, but claimed he is “very sensitive” to the needs of the poorest.

Claimed Liz Truss has “listened” to people about the crisis caused by the mini-budget. She will be judged at the next election by what she does over the next 18 months.

Said all government departments, including health and defence, will face spending cuts. There were “difficult decisions” to come.

Pledged that money that would have been received from the health and social care levy will be protected.

Said some taxes will rise, and others will not come down “as much as people hoped”.

Claimed the Conservatives are united “around the most important issues”, including growth and Brexit.

Said he will meet with Treasury officials later today and with Truss tomorrow.

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