Ukraine demands Red Cross visits notorious prison

Ukrainian officials have urged the Red Cross to conduct a mission to a notorious prison camp in the Russia-occupied east of the country.

The Ukrainian president’s chief of staff, Andriy Yermak, demanded that the Red Cross (ICRC) visit the Olenivka prison in Donetsk within three days.

“We just can’t waste more time. Human lives are at stake”, he tweeted.

Last month, the Red Cross tried to secure access to the camp, but said it was denied by Russian authorities.

The Olenivka prison has been under the control of Russian-backed authorities in Donetsk since 2014, and conditions are said to be extremely poor.

In July, dozens of Ukrainian prisoners were killed in rocket attacks at the camp, which both sides blamed on each other. Kyiv said the prison was targeted by Russia to destroy evidence of torture and killing, while Moscow blamed Ukrainian rockets.

Those detained at the site include members of the Azov battalion, who were the last defenders of the city of Mariupol and whom…

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