Kwasi Kwarteng heads back to Westminster early as Tory discontent over mini-budget grows – UK politics live

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Here’s more from international trade minister, Greg Hands, who when asked if there will be any more U-turns on the mini-budget, replied: “Let’s wait and see.”

Speaking on Sky News this morning, he said:

Let’s wait and see. You won’t have long to wait for the 31st of October for the Chancellor to lay out those plans. I do say that the prime Minister and the chancellor are absolutely resolute, determined. The growth plan (is) the centrepiece, but we’ll have to see some of the detail including a full forecast from the Office for Budget Responsibility on the 31st of October.

Here is a summary of Hands’s morning interview round:

The government will make responses as appropriate as events happen, but the absolute commitment is to publish the medium-term fiscal plan. This is looking at how the government is going to pay for everything, how the government is going to set its budget in the coming years and that will be laid out in just two…

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