In crucial Nevada, economic woes threaten to shake Democrats’ grip

In Crucial Nevada, Economic Woes Threaten To Shake Democrats’ Grip - Kikbnodl5Mrusgpv6Miqji24Bi

LAS VEGAS — Karla Pike calls herself liberal and opposed the end of Roe v. Wade. But she blames Democrats for the rising costs now stretching her retirement budget, and she singled out one for criticism: Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto.

“I hate to admit it because I didn’t care for them before, but … things were cheaper when the Republicans were in office,” Pike, a former flight attendant in her 70s, said on her way to a grocery store, echoing many others in the state who were dismayed at the economy. She compared her vote this fall to flipping a coin.

Here in Nevada, a crucial midterm battlefront where Republicans haven’t won a Senate race in a decade and have come up short in other key races, economic woes have raised the GOP’s hopes of flipping seats throughout the ballot, according to interviews with voters, candidates and strategists, as well as a review of polling. The financial strains are testing Democrats’ ability to retain and turn out the minority,…

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