Disruptors Who Are Changing Their Industries – SPONSOR CONTENT IMPERIUM GROUP

Every company and entrepreneur starts in that place of uncertainty where knowledge ends and discovery begins. The latest generation of change-makers, those business leaders and influencers who have an idea and refuse to give up on it, begin with uncertainty as they labor to take their industries beyond what we know and expand the limits of what we can achieve.

Below, you’ll read about the Vanguards of 2022: an elite group of tireless creators, charting new territory by using cryptocurrency and blockchain to make finance accessible to the unbanked; preparing power grids around the world for a sustainable future; innovating platforms that help medical representatives obtain pre-approvals for the first time; drastically reducing carbon emissions in logistics by designing the world’s first interlocking plastic bottle; and so much more.

As these creators show the way ahead for their industries and for society, the…

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