5 Imperatives for Radiation Dose Management in Medical Imaging – SPONSOR CONTENT FROM SIEMENS HEALTHINEERS

Medical imaging is as central to patient care as are labs or pathology, and concern for radiation safety is as old as the field itself. These concerns have generated multiple mandates related to dose management. A decade ago, California was the first state to mandate improved radiation dose management, and other states have followed its lead.

Stricter dose management regulations represent a substantial operational burden for health care providers. Dose management systems (DMS) provide much needed support.

We have distilled five imperatives for dose management excellence.

Imperative 1: Data aggregation and processing

All the data required for effective dose management is already available in medical imaging departments, but it’s often not used sufficiently. To perform its intended tasks, a DMS must acquire dosimetry parameters and store them in an easily searchable database. But unless this data is automatically…

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