4 Ways to Support Hispanic Small Business Owners

4 Ways To Support Hispanic Small Business Owners - Gettyimages 1186741788 517283

We are one of five million Hispanic-owned businesses in America, which is one reason why each Hispanic Heritage Month, at Hello Alice, we proudly gather stories from Hispanic small business owners to celebrate this community and gauge its needs. This year, more than anything else, I was struck by how Hispanic entrepreneurs are intensely proud of their culture and often operate businesses that honor their heritage. 

“We’ve dedicated our lives to building a platform that represents our stories in our voice,” Johnny Murillo, the owner of Burbank-based Chicano Hollywood Enterprises, told us. 

That determination we see from Johnny and from so many other Hispanic owners -; to flip the script, to create a business of lasting legacy, to thrive -; is why Hello Alice regularly surveys the more than one million owners on our platform and recommends ways for the business community to lend a hand. Our latest report, published in partnership with Square, the United States Hispanic Chamber…

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This article was written by Elizabeth Gore and originally published on www.inc.com