Read the pitch decks that helped 6 sports and gaming startups raise millions of dollars

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The evolution of tech and media is created opportunities for innovations with sports.
Sports betting has also added new facets to the industry in the S.
Here are pitch decks that seven sports startups used to raise millions in Series A and Seed rounds.

The sports industry has exploded in recent years as technology and consumer habits change.

The expansion of legal sports betting in the US ushered in one of the biggest transformations. It’s opened up a new market not only for sportsbooks like DraftKings, but for the ancillary businesses that support betting — be it platform providers, data companies, media partners, geolocation and compliance suppliers, or others.

Venture capital has poured $208 million into the early-stage sports betting and gambling space this year as of Q3, despite the current macroeconomic struggles, according to PitchBook. That’s down from last year but more than each of the prior two full years. And more…

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