Putin’s revenge for the Crimea bridge attack – podcast

A huge explosion destroyed part of the Kerch bridge from Russia to Crimea last weekend, one of Vladimir Putin’s prestige projects and a vital logistical link for the Russian military. It was, said Putin, ‘an act of international terrorism’ and ‘ a most dangerous precedent’.

As Luke Harding tells Nosheen Iqbal, Monday brought Putin’s furious response: multiple rocket attacks on a number of Ukrainian cities, leaving dozens injured and at least 11 dead. Russia has announced eight people have been detained over the attack on the Crimea bridge, while Ukrainian officials have described Russia’s investigation as ‘nonsense’.

And, as the temperature drops and winter approaches, Russia is planning to send thousands of reservists into battle. But does this highlight weakness in the Kremlin rather than strength?

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This article was written by Presented by Nosheen Iqbal with Luke Harding; produced by Clizia Sala and Rudi Zygadlo; executive producer Phil Maynard and originally published on www.theguardian.com