How to Move Forward When You Feel Frozen

Fear is manifesting itself in a wide range of ways in corporate hallways and virtual channels. Alarm paralyzes us and leads to counterproductive behaviors. We postpone taking action because we’re afraid of making things worse. We focus our attention on short-term demands because we don’t want to confront the future.

To move from paralysis to action, consider four shifts that can help you confront the fear. First, shift your mindset from scarcity to abundance, by identifying resources that are both limited and at your fingertips. Second, shift from closing in to opening up; find ways to involve new people through gradual exposure. Third, take small steps forward to unblock yourself. Identify one step at a time to get moving. Finally, face your fears. Block 15 minutes on your calendar to name your fear and consider best- and worst-case scenarios.

Executives and managers are tasked with juggling increasing pressures in the marketplace and workforce,

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This article was written by Sabina Nawaz and originally published on