How a Hit and Run Turned into a Hit Dessert

How A Hit And Run Turned Into A Hit Dessert - 220728 Inc Baonanas 10 513511

Picture, If you will, the smoothest, creamiest, Filipino leche flan. Now imagine Southern-style ­banana pudding. The squish of vanil­la wafers. The light, fluffy ­meringue. What would happen if you combined those dishes? That was the question that launched a very valuable banana stand in Jersey City, New Jersey.

It all started one morning in March 2014, when Lloyd Ortuoste walked outside and found a huge dent in the bumper of his beloved Sonic yellow Subaru Impreza. A psychology student at Kean University in nearby Elizabeth, Ortuoste definitely  didn’t have the cash to repair the cosmetic damage left by the hit-and-run, so he started saving up.

A month later, he and his girlfriend (now-wife), Trisha Villanueva, invited a few friends over to enjoy a batch of Filipino flan fused with Southern-­style banana pudding, which Villanueva says has always been the most popular item on her family’s Thanksgiving table. She didn’t quite nail the original recipe, and her mistake had…

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