Documents reveal nonprofit’s plan to downplay abortion in the midterms

Documents Reveal Nonprofit’s Plan To Downplay Abortion In The Midterms - Un3Auskusxzudhru2Sbihhx2Me

In a Facebook ad targeting voters in four states that could decide control of Congress next month, a young woman announces to her grandmother that the Supreme Court’s decision eliminating constitutional protections for abortion is “such a big deal.”

“And you know what’s a bigger deal?” her grandmother replies gently. “Unsafe communities, soaring prices and schools that don’t care about their kids or their parents.”

The young woman furrows her brow. “But you fought so hard for abortion rights,” she says.

“And we’ll both keep fighting,” her grandmother assures her. “But we must send a message on other issues hurting other people every day. And that’s what’s on my mind now.”

The ad, which seeks to marry the pro-abortion rights position with Republican talking points on other topics, is part of a broader effort by a conservative nonprofit, Independent Women’s Voice, to blunt the impact of June’s Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization decision…

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