Behind the Brand with Maserati

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Challenger brands are a fascinating case study for me to explore because there is something uniquely intriguing about a brand that has the guts to compete in a highly-competitive, established market. Sometimes it’s about disruption and changing the status quo (Apple’s iPhone). Other times it’s about building a better mousetrap (Salesforce’s F&Bs), or redefining the customer experience (Warby Parker’s online UX/UI). 

However you slice it, launching a company in an entrenched market is difficult, but how does one get traction in a niche that doesn’t necessarily appear to have the “need” (or room) for your product? Is the luxury category more challenging than something more mass market? What are the risks? Is there a proven path to success? Let’s dive in!

Maserati is a bit of a special case. It’s a legacy brand that’s also a challenger -; with the introduction and acceleration into the supercar category again after many years. The new crown jewel in the lineup is the MC20, which…

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