3 Reasons Why the Bear Market Is an Excellent Opportunity for Entrepreneurship

3 Reasons Why The Bear Market Is An Excellent Opportunity For Entrepreneurship - Gettyimages 1388225594 516455

The term “bear market” is one that often brings feelings of fear and dread to investors, entrepreneurs, and the general public alike. This is not a surprise since mainstream media, financial analysts, and investors love to associate them with issues like a recession and high unemployment. But most people seem to ignore an undeniable fact: Bear markets are a natural part of market cycles.

Not only are bear markets completely normal, they are also necessary, as they clean the negative effects of previous speculative runs, creating fertile soil for companies and projects with real substance to emerge. This positive effect makes them an especially good opportunity for truly disruptive and innovative startups to succeed.

This is great news for any entrepreneur considering delaying a startup or business launch due to the current economic climate. Let’s take a look at three reasons why the bear market is an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurship.

1. Startups Launched During Bear Markets…

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This article was written by John Hall and originally published on www.inc.com