Ukraine war round-up: Inside Putin’s head and Crimea bridge arrests

Russia says it has arrested eight people in connection with Saturday’s dramatic explosion on the Kerch Strait bridge in Crimea.

The bridge links Russia to Crimea, illegally annexed by Moscow in 2014. The damage was seen as symbolic blow to President Putin, who opened the bridge in 2018.

We still don’t know what caused the blast. Russia was quick to suggest it was a truck bomb, and named the owner and driver of the vehicle.

Now, its FSB security service says eight arrests have been made – five of those held were Russians, while the others were Ukrainian and Armenian.

Kyiv called Russia’s investigation “nonsense”. Days earlier, the head of President Zelensky’s office suggested the explosion was the result of infighting between different parts of Russia’s security establishment.

Meanwhile, President Zelensky urged countries to hit Russia with more sanctions.

He doesn’t have a Kremlin crystal ball, he admits, but BBC Russia editor Steve Rosenberg has been trying to get inside the…

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