The most surprising battleground for the House: New England

The Most Surprising Battleground For The House: New England - 2Gzlqrxlmf4Bcqnt4Qcslpco6E

JOHNSTON, R.I. — Seth Magaziner, a Democrat running for an open House seat, stood in a senior center in this working-class Providence suburb last week to warn that voting for his opponent would threaten Social Security checks.

His message on this day and throughout his campaign to voters has been clear: You will live to regret venting your frustrations at the status quo by voting for his opponent and potentially handing control of the House to Republicans.

“We cannot take that risk,” Magaziner said at the senior center. “We cannot let Rhode Island’s 2nd Congressional District be the place that put the fox in charge of the henhouse.”

The district voted for Biden by nearly 14 points in 2020, and longtime Democratic Rep. Jim Langevin, who is retiring, has held it easily for more than two decades, winning by big margins even in strong years for Republicans.

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