How to Help an Employee Figure Out Their Career Goals

It’s not always possible to help the people we supervise identify and work toward their career goals. But having a sense of purpose and a feeling of momentum in achieving our career goals is powerful — so when we can assist our employees in getting there, it’s a meaningful way we can make a difference in their lives and their professional success. In this piece, the author offers three strategies managers can use if they’re managing someone who is unsure of their career path: 1) help them analyze patterns, 2) expand their worldview, and 3) don’t steer too hard.

The best leaders want to help their employees develop and reach their career goals. But what if your employee doesn’t actually know what they want? These days, career paths at many companies aren’t clear cut, so chances are some of your employees are looking to you for direction. Should they try to move into management, or stay as an individual contributor? Angle for an overseas…

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This article was written by Dorie Clark and originally published on