First Solomon Islands police head to China for training amid deepening security ties

A delegation of more than 30 Solomon Islands police officers has travelled to China to undergo training for the first time, in a sign of deepening ties between the two countries, which signed a controversial security deal earlier this year.

The group of 34 officers, including a deputy and an assistant commissioner, will be in China for a month, during which time they will receive training, visit police stations and departments and learn from the expertise of Chinese police, according to a statement issued by Solomon Islands government.

The officers would also gain a “better understanding of Chinese police, diversified Chinese cultures and friendly Chinese people”, said Counsellor Yao Ming, the deputy head of mission at the Chinese embassy in Honiara, according to the statement.

He emphasised that this was the first visit to China by police officers from Solomon Islands for training purposes and added that after their return, the officers would contribute to “better cooperation…

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