6 Ways to Combat Imposter Syndrome

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You know the feeling–you’ve worked tirelessly on the project for weeks, but the morning of the big presentation you’re stressing that it’s not good enough. Or you’re scrolling through job posts and a great one catches your eye, but you decide you’d never be considered for a VP role so why bother applying? How about when you finally get that promotion you’ve worked so hard for, but you’re wrought with anxiety that you can’t handle the job. When that gut-wrenching feeling and doubting inner voice takes over it’s hard not to feel like a fraud and worry others will decide you’re one, too.

While the term “imposter syndrome” has garnered much recent attention, psychologists Clance and Imes first brought the phenomenon to light in a 1978 study. If you experience Imposter Syndrome or a collection of feelings of inadequacy that persist despite evident success, you’re not alone. Originally associated with high-achieving professional women, recent research shows that these feelings of…

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This article was written by Stacey Epstein and originally published on www.inc.com