What Todd Akin and Roy Moore can tell us about Herschel Walker

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It’s a situation Republicans have confronted way too many times for Mitch McConnell’s liking over the past decade or so: A candidate running in a closely watched, competitive race is suddenly enmeshed in a personal scandal late in the campaign. This time, it’s Herschel Walker. And as always the question is: Will it matter?

A more apt question is will it matter enough.

It’s tempting to say these things no longer matter at all, especially after Donald Trump won the presidency in 2016 despite the “Access Hollywood” tape. Trump initially was left for dead by many in his party, but then he pulled a massive political shocker.

Trump recently contended that the electorate’s view of personal moral failings has shifted so substantially that Walker’s problems aren’t the dealbreaker they once were — at least before Walker was accused of paying for an abortion.

That might still be true. But a look at recent history suggests that these things have almost always mattered at least…

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This article was written by Aaron Blake and originally published on www.washingtonpost.com